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Recruitment Process

Our 24 by 7 hi-tech skilled staffing services gives our clients broader access to staff who can supplement their needs on a more economic, convenient, and flexible basis.


You as a customer can be assured that the people we assign to your facility have been carefully screened, reference checked, oriented and selected. We customize our screening process to meet our client’s requirements. Critical components of the process may include the following, depending on assignment requirements;




  • All employees are interviewed

  • Individualized skills check list

  • License verification with state board

  • Positive ID

  • Comprehensive review of education and experience

  • Certifications reviews

  • Drug screen

  • Criminal and civil background check

  • Minimum of two professional references

  • Each employee is evaluated at regular intervals and supervised by our management staff.



*If you need additional and/or customized screening, please give us a call.

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